Why Blog?

The evolution of blogging is particularly interesting to me. At first blogs were regarded as highly unprofessional online journals that were rarely paid any attention. But blogs have evolved into a respected, if not necessary, media outlet. Many times, it is the blogs that break news and are looked to for the most up to date information on a developing issue.

So I found it funny that just as I started blogging, one of my favorite bloggers, PublicRelationsBlogger.com, posted on why blogging is so important to a company. I know many of our clients are starting to dip their toes in the social media pool and I thought some of her points were extremely valid so I’m going to re-post them here:

“The ease of blogging as well as the economical benefits make it a smart component to consider when creating a PR plan. In addition to blogging yourself, it is important to read other blogs. Influential bloggers may have thousands of readers; as such, there is a lot of value in tracking their blogs that may feature content on your company. Think about your objectives and evaluate if blogging would help in accomplishing your goals.

“Blogs can serve a great purpose for any company. They can include, among others:

  1. The ability to monitor, track, and respond to what it said about your company by other bloggers.
  2. The opening of the lines of communication between your company and your customers.
  3. The opportunity to add to and help shape conversations taking place on your blog and other that concern your company.”

Courtsey of PublicRelationsBlogger.com.

So for those of you still skeptical about blogging, check out a few of the leading blogs in your industry and you will see, blogging is no longer just for pleasure, it has great business value as well.


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