Blogging and Public Relations

Here is the scenario: you are a small business owner, you work in a niche industry and you want to grow your network within that industry. One effective way of doing this is to blog.

A blog is very effective in allowing you to communicate your industry expertise and opinions to a large audience. Not only does it give you an outlet to get your ideas out to the public, it can allow you to get feedback from others in your industry – making it an invaluable learning tool.

The great thing about a blog is that you can really use it to show your clients the culture of your company. A blog can be very formal or very informal, depending on the kind of image you choose to portray. Of course, there are always going to be certain things that you will want to avoid. Remember, this blog will reflect on your company whether or not it is a “company” blog and that it is committed to writing on the Internet, where it can live forever.

Your blog should be something that you enjoy. Try to engage your readers by responding to comments, and don’t be afraid to address negative comments. They may come in, and can provide a great way to clear up any misunderstandings about your company or position on a certain topic. If a comment is truly obnoxious and without merit, it can be deleted, but be sure to explain to your readers that those types of comments will not be tolerated.

Use your blog to publicize new developments at your company, in conjunction with news releases by adding more detailed information. You can also use your blog to get the word out about white papers or case studies by giving your readers a brief summary and link.

Blogs can be very effective in spreading messages to your clients and community – just be sure to be consistent in your posting and relevant to your audience and you will find success!

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