Chin Up

When distributing a news release, it’s easy to expect that each reporter you send the release to will cover it; however, as much you might wish, this isn’t how it works.  There will be times when you will send a news release and it does not receive as much coverage as you had expected. The most important thing to remember is that you are developing a longer-term relationship with reporters so that they will be more likely to write stories about your company in the future.

The great thing about online publications is now information can be posted all over the web and everyone has access to it. Regardless of whether or not the information made it into the paper or online news, there is still the opportunity for it to become a blog post, or a part of someone’s Twitter feed.  There are things you can do to help expand the reach of your news release. If you don’t already have a newsroom on your website, I recommend creating one. That way, anyone who visits your site has the option to read published and unpublished news releases, which adds to your credibility while informing current and potential clients of what’s going on at your company.

Many people look to public relations expecting to see instant results, but it is important to keep in mind that this is hardly ever the case.  Think of it in terms of a presidential candidate’s history.  Upon entering office, a president gives a set of goals he wishes to achieve.  Throughout the candidacy he pushes to achieve his agenda.  Finally, once the president is at the end of his term, and years afterward, we begin to see the results of his presidency.  PR is similar because as the results build up over time, the reward of PR pays off tenfold – giving companies a credible, consistent, sustainable reputation.  A once unheard of company could be the talk of the nation after a PR campaign unfolds.

To close, here are a few wise words I’ve received about a PR campaign.  “You’ve planted a seed; now you just have to wait a bit for it to grow. The tree isn’t going to sprout overnight.”  However, remember it will grow in time with the proper care and nourishment.

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