Entering the Blogosphere: Rise to Popularity

There are many nuances that you should try to remember when you are blogging. We’ve talked about how to start your blog, now let’s talk about some ways to keep its momentum and build a loyal following.

1. Be kind.

Be especially careful not to patronize your audience.  Speak as you would with a friend and maintain a conversational tone.  Also, be nice!  No matter how seemingly rude an e-mail or comment is, make sure you use your best manners and respond clearly and professionally.   It’s just that simple.

2. Keep it real.

Blogs are personal.  Stick to writing about what you know and love. When you are passionate and excited about your subject, that will translate into your writing, and your readers will look forward to reading your blog.

3. Create and maintain your persona.

Finding your voice is imperative to your blog.  This is what differentiates you from other bloggers out there.  When your tone is consistent, your writing is more memorable and thus a reader becomes a follower.  This way, even if a reader skips a few posts, they still know what to expect.

4. Be relevant.

When you write a blog you are already assuming that someone wants to read what you write, but keep your ego in check and don’t forget to cater to your readers’ interests. Try to find topics that are of importance to you and that will be compelling content for your readers as well.


5. Help whenever possible.

Great bloggers write with the purpose of helping their readers. If you offer advice without expecting anything in return, this will turn people in your favor.


6. Don’t force your writing.

Basically, don’t try too hard; it just doesn’t come across as natural.  If you are constantly trying to impress with your writing, it will show and you’ll lose a certain amount of respect from your audience.


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