Where’s My Niche?

Blogging has only become a popular method of communicating in the past decade, so we are all relatively new to it and its terminology is constantly changing.  You might have heard of the term niche blogging – one of the most popular types of this communication. You may be wondering what the difference is between a niche blog and other types of blogs. If so, look no further, we’ve got some answers for you!

What exactly is a niche blog?  Niche blogs are blogs that appeal to a specific market.  Most company blogs are industry-specific, each building on their own set of expertise and topics for discussion.  Usually these blogs follow a timeline with posts occurring at regular intervals (daily, weekly, twice a day) so that the readers can easily follow the blog and any trends in topics.

So how are niche blogs unique?  Niche blogs provide a great way for people to stay updated and learn more about a specific topic, industry, or subject area.  These blogs rarely include general material because they keep their focus tight and on point.  Niche bloggers tend to know that they are writing for a very specific audience.  Due to the fact that the audience is very specific, the terminology used is more specialized and speaks to a certain audience with an enhanced understanding of the subject matter, so the dialogue is elevated.

Why write a niche blog?  Niche blogs are an excellent way to increase your website’s SEO because key terms and tags are constantly being repeated throughout the blog and will appear higher in searches.  These blogs tend to generate more loyal followers because they cater to a certain topic of interest.  To keep your blog compelling and relevant, make sure that you pay attention to the cutting-edge trends within your niche. This will help to keep your current readers and will also help to expand your readership.

A good example of niche blogs would be company blogs that follow a specific topic.  Here’s a fashion blog from New York magazine which hones in on the latest trends in the industry, keeping its fashion savvy readers entertained.