The “Social Media Release”

One-hundred and four years ago, the first press release was created by Ivy Lee and depending on whom you ask, he is also thought to be the founder of modern public relations. Now, this is important to  know because it educates us on the evolution of the press release and, up until the ’90s the press release had  no significant changes. Then, in the blink of an eye, with the introduction of social media, the press release started to drastically change.

At first, I wanted to write a post about the evolution of the press release for the simple reason that I thought it would be interesting. Then, inspired by an article in Mashable, I realized it is imperative to understand the history of the press release if you want to stay ahead in the business world.

Wonder why? After reading the article in Mashable and a post by Brian Solis  about the future of public relations and reviving the traditional press release, I noticed there was a new term mentioned – the “social media release.” Basically, there has been a shift from the traditional press release to a release that has the ability to seamlessly connect media elements across multiple channels. This encourages readers to share and interact with the release over multiple mediums and social networks.

Since it is important for businesses to embrace the evolution of the press release, public relations practitioners stress how important it is to find a quality newswire service. A quality service, in this case, provides tools compatible to how the press release has been modernized. The right distribution service promotes the online news release in several ways:

  • You can distribute the release to multiple channels at once.
  • You can find the appropriate channels to distribute your news release more quickly. For instance, a quality online news release service has access to a national database of media contacts in a matter of minutes. The appropriate contacts can be selected and contacted almost immediately.
  • It shows you are embracing innovation by keeping up with changing technology and times.

To conclude, Brian Solis points out that it is important to successfully embrace a new way of communicating news. Therefore, it is especially important that the newswire service you choose will understand your distribution goals and who you are writing for.

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