Welcome to the Meebo Bar: Would You Like One Simple Interface?

I don’t know about you, but I spend a good part of my day checking my e-mail, blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and personal website. While this is partly because I want to be active on these sites, a lot of time is wasted logging in to each application. I was in desperate need for one simple interface where I could access and update all of my sites at once. Then, I discovered Meebo.

Meebo is a great solution for companies that are new to social media and looking for a simple way to manage their online marketing. With the ability to access and update e-mail and social networking sites on one platform; businesses do not have representatives bogged down with being on multiple sites, on top of maintaining their work e-mail.

According to CNBC correspondent, Julia Boorstin, Meebo was one of four companies considered to be the “next big thing” at the Techonomy Conference this past August. Meebo integrates all of your social networking sites and communication channels into one simple interface. Meebo also connects users with friends and businesses on the websites that have installed the Meebo Bar and Meebo Messenger – increasing user engagement, traffic and ad revenue. With Meebo, I was able to cut down on the amount of time I spent logging on to each of my e-mail accounts and social networking sites.

Furthermore, the Meebo Bar allows businesses to communicate with clients or customers on chat and e-mail applications – and allows them to monitor track site visitors and sharing with Meebo analytics. Installing the Meebo Bar on your website also allows a company to drag-and-drop sharing with content from other sites onto their site and allows visitors to “like” or “share” your page.

To plug into the social web, check out the Meebo Bar homepage today!

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