Geomagic: “The Magic of Making it Simple”

When you engage in “PR”, you learn that branding is everything. For one thing, a company has a better chance at success if its name and services are strategically branded. However, instead of rattling off helpful hints for branding, I have decided to highlight a company that has utilized effective branding to create a quality image – this company is Geomagic.

By studying the market, researching product value and understanding public relations, Geomagic has developed a strong image. Exploring new territories in 3D design and engineering, Geomagic has pushed ahead of the competition by emphasizing its innovation and creativity. Rightfully so, strategic branding has earned Geomagic recognition among leaders who are driving economic growth at this year’s Techonomy Conference in Lake Tahoe, Utah.

Founded in 1997, Geomagic is one of the leading providers of 3D software for creating digital models of physical objects with clients as big as NASA and NASCAR. What does this mean?

While being tech savvy doesn’t hurt, Geomagic relies on its advanced technology that supports 3D digitizers, cameras and scanners, and integrates with advanced CAD packages. In layman’s terms, computer-aided design is the use of computer technology that enables the process of design and design documentation. To better understand and see the technology in action, click here to watch a clip from the National Science Foundation’s showcase of Geomagic.

What’s next for Geomagic? Living up to its motto, “the magic of making it simple”, Geomagic CEO and Entrepreneur of the Year, Ping Fu, has plans to use digital shape sampling to help the government by digitizing medical records to save money.  Her mission is to leave behind something of value, and is exactly the direction Geomagic is taking as it continues to personalize their brand through Ping Fu’s mission.

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