“Working for the Weekend”

In order to be the most effective in marketing and promoting our companies’ brands, it’s important to stay focused. Let’s face it – no matter how passionate we are about our company and building its brand, sometimes its hard to avoid distractions. Whether you work from home or in an office, interruptions cannot be avoided. Luckily, Sarah Kessler, writer for Mashable, has thought of 37 productivity tips for working from anywhere. I have highlighted five tips that work best and would like to share them with you: 

  • Music: While music may seem like a distraction itself, it can block out your surroundings and help you focus on your work. Remember to use headphones to be mindful of co-workers. Another option is to download white noise and listen to it on your headphones.
  • Plan your day: Take 30 minutes every morning to make a list of tasks you need to complete for the day. This list will hold you accountable throughout the day, making it easier to stay focused and productive. I have found it helpful to make a bulleted “To Do” list every morning and track how long it takes me to complete each product. Some people may find using an electronic calendar is best. Whatever method you prefer, make sure to stick with it throughout the day.
  • Practice self-discipline: While some companies may restrict Internet access, others do not. Also, in this day and age, smart phones make it very easy to circumvent these restrictions at work, so try to put it away and focus on the task at hand.
  • Plan on wasting time: Sometimes distraction is unavoidable. For example, there might be a time when everyone gets back from lunch and is still on “break mode” or a time when your boss walks around the office to check-in and chat. Schedule menial tasks during these times (i.e. cleaning out e-mail) to avoid being distracted during important assignments.
  • Use your imagination: If you work in a room with other people, pretend that they are recording your work habits for human resources. If you have your own office, pretend there is a video feed that goes directly to your boss’ computer, allowing him/her to see everything you are doing. This helps practice desk etiquette, while setting a good example for others around you.

Ready to increase your productivity? Find the tips that work for you and be productive so that you are ready for your weekend!

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