The Blogosphere: Rise to Popularity – Part Two

The Blogosphere: Rise to Popularity was initially published to share important tips on how to build your blog’s momentum and loyal following. Since the value of blogging has significantly increased for businesses and personal branding purposes, we thought it would be helpful to re-emphasize the points made in the first blog and also share tips for leveraging SEO.

In the first post, we highlighted five key points: be kind to your audience, write what you know, find your voice and create relevant reading material. Once you have utilized these tips to the best of your blogging ability, you can focus on increasing SEO.

Samuel Axon, Digital Entertainment Reporter at Mashable, recently published an article on four tips for writing SEO-friendly blog posts. Having tested these tips myself, I can personally vouch for their credibility and effectiveness.

According to Axon, the four tips are as follows:

  • Always include search terms in your post’s title: Did you know that the first thing a search engine sees is the headline or title of your blog post? This is because during a search inquiry, search engines are taught to think that the earlier words appear in a post, the more important they are. By including important keywords from your post in the title, you are on your way to increasing the blog’s SEO.
  • Link important words to earlier blog posts: Search engines again, are taught to think that blog posts that have been linked are more important than ones that have not been linked. The most value comes from external links (e.g. linking to Pepsi’s website if you are writing a post about Pepsi products). You can also link to previous keywords in previous posts on your blog to increase SEO.
  • Hit the tagging sweet spot: Tags are imperative to a blog’s survival because they reflect the content in the post and help search engines/readers find what they are looking for. Be wary of tagging every keyword in your post – this will overwhelm a search engine and decrease SEO. Click here for some great tips from Technorati on how to build the most appropriate tags.
  • Use Google Insights: This is a web-based tool that keeps track of the most popular search terms. If you are struggling with blog content, check out some of the search terms and you can get ideas for great posts as well as utilize popular search terms in your title for great SEO.

Happy blogging and good luck!

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