Keyword Marketing

As more and more businesses storm the web, it is important to maintain effective SEO so that you do not get pushed into Internet nonexistence. Cue – keywords.

While we have previously mentioned the relevance and importance of keywords in press releases – the subject really does deserve its own post. According to Shubic Web Design, anything that is, or can be turned digital, should always factor into consideration keywords. This includes, but is not limited to, your website, blog, press releases, newsletter, downloadable collateral and videos.

If you are already leveraging keywords, great – here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Create a word cloud: Having trouble thinking of effective keywords? Wordle to the rescue. Wordle is a free program that allows you to paste content from a website, press release or blog post, etc. into a text box. After the content is submitted, Wordle makes a word cloud. The image attached to this blog is an example of a word cloud. The bigger and bolder words in the cloud are the words that appear most frequently in your text, and your keywords are derived from these words.
  • Make it a company-wide effort: Whether you are writing content for a website, collateral piece, blog or website, many eyes pass over the text before it can be published. The same editing process should be applied to developing keywords.
  • Research: Look at your content and think of all the words you would use to search for your company content. This will help you think of some keywords that should be included in your text and title. Remember, it is also just as important to have effective keywords in the titles you use. Also, it does not hurt to search keywords and terms with the highest number of queries for your industry.

Leverage these tips and watch your current Internet status receive optimal SEO for your company.

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