Who is the Man behind the Curtain?

Building a brand, takes time and effort. Fortunately, we have already tackled how to increase SEO and build brand awareness by using effective keywords, optimizing press release content and utilizing relevant tags. But when that is all said and done, you need to reflect back on the steps you have taken to increase SEO and find your company’s story.

Your company story is a unique footprint that you leave behind in the business world. It is everything you want business partners and customers to know about you – goals, values and mission included. It is important that people know who the “man behind the curtain” is. The company story is the foundation and you have to know your story in order to share it with the marketplace, gauge what customers are hearingĀ  and build a brand.

I have proposed three quick and easy steps that will help you research the current message your company is sending to the public.

  • Research: Compile your three most recent press releases and blog posts, collect keywords from your company website, and write down any word that you would associate with what your company stands for. After this is done, look at the keywords and content that you have already published to the web against the word list that you created for your company – do they match up? If not, you might want to focus your attention on tailoring content to match the words that describe your company.
  • Review: Conduct a search query for any news coverage that your company has received in the past six months. Identify the keywords that were used in the news coverage to describe your organization – are they in line with the message you want to be sending?
  • Utilize media elements: We all know that it is easy to misinterpret the written word. You may think that your company mission or website content is being expressed clearly and concisely, however, people could be reading or interpreting the message incorrectly. In order to eliminate any misinterpretation, embed a quick video or image that clearly expresses your company story. Remember, there can be dangers to using a ‘live’ spokesperson in a video so make sure that there is a designated company spokesperson to represent the interests of the organization and share the company story.

Best of luck finding and developing your company story, and from everyone at PRBrandBuilder, we wish you a safe and happy holiday!

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