Blogging: The Myths

Lately, we have been talking a lot about making the decision to join social media. Some social media applications, such as Twitter and Facebook, make us more apprehensive about the transition. However, there are numerous ways that companies can begin to use social media without having to make the transition to Twitter and Facebook. For instance – blogging.

When it comes to blogs – the blogger has much  more control over the conversations as opposed to conversations on applications such as Twitter and Facebook which tend to be more open. Blogging can serve as a great entrance into social media and give companies the initial practice they need. More information about this can be accessed in an earlier post – “why blog.”

Unfortunately, there are many myths that exist about blogging which make people just as apprehensive towards it as other social media vehicles.

Scott Rosenberg, author of Say Everything, shared a YouTube video that addressed the “10 myths about blogs.” These myths include: blogging isn’t journalism; blogs will replace journalism; there is a blogosphere; the first blogger; bloggers are narcissists; bloggers can’t be trusted; too many blogs; blogging is dead; blogging is trivial; and most blogs stink.

In the video embedded below, Rosenberg addresses these myths and challenges them. Enjoy!

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