Its 2011 – What Are Your Business Resolutions?

When the clock strikes midnight, bringing us into a new year, most of us are making or thinking about our personal resolutions. But, what about the resolutions made for a business?  While we may not be thinking about these at midnight, a successful company will realize that it is important to set goals and expectations for the new year and the next quarter. has reached out to current and potential new bloggers and challenged them to post every day or every week in 2011.

Need some fresh ideas? Shawn Parr, editor at Fast Company, shares some New Year’s resolutions  for businesses in 2011:

1)      Do something new: Instead of the usual resolutions – increase revenue or achieve brand salience – try something new. Some suggestions could be to reorganize your filing system, join the social media world and/or practice team-building exercises.

2)      Think big and do small: While it is important to aim high, it makes it much harder to meet expectations. Sometimes the best way to improve your business is by performing smaller innovative tasks. Instead of increasing productivity by 75 percent, aim for 25 percent first and go from there.

3)      Be a connection engine: Networking is just as important for a company as it is for an individual. Maintain existing client/partner connections and use these connections to reach out to some new ones.

4)      Be relational not transactional: Build employee, partner and client relationships in order to maintain trust and encourage effective communication. While it is still important to be professional in your business relationships, you can do this and still get to know some personal values and goals of employees, partners and clients.

5)      Celebrate and communicate successes: Motivate others on your team by sharing your successes, whether you secure a new client or have a productive day. Also, recognize that it is OK to make mistakes and not have successes every day. Sometimes by making and sharing our mistakes, we learn new ways for improvement.

As you continue to ring in the New Year, remember your resolutions for successful business operations in the following months. Happy 2011 from everyone at PRBrandBuilder!

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