Networking Necessities – Part Two: How to Prepare for Networking Events

We’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll reiterate – in the business world, networking is key . In order to successfully network, you need to be prepared. Therefore, we have pooled our networking resources and come up with some great ways to prepare you for your next networking event.

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The Importance of the Media Contact

One of the most important elements of the news release is the media contact, and I can honestly say that one of the most frequent questions I get from clients is “Who should be our media contact?” That can be a hard question to answer if there is no dedicated “marketing” or “public relations” person at your company. In a small business, employees often wear multiple hats, and deciding on who should wear the “media relations” hat can be challenging. Read the rest of this entry »

Networking Necessities – Part One: How to Network Via Social Media

Social networks used to be thought of as a platform for teens to chat with their friends and post the latest gossip. Today, however, individuals of all ages, as well as businesses are seeing the benefits of being active in the social platforms, with one of the largest benefits being network expansion. Read the rest of this entry »

Logos: Finding the Right Fit for Your Company

One of the most important features of a company is its logo. Branded across websites, social networks and marketing campaigns, a logo conveys a valuable message about what a company represents. This valuable business tool is a visual culmination of font, color, placement, size and image that convey a certain message about your company, so it is important that you spend time trying out different options to find the one most suitable for you.

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