Tricks to Stay Quick

In the business world, it is always good to conserve what you need the most…your time. Fortunately, with the technology available to us today we are able to, for example, send a mass email in one click and check our email while mobile.

However, becoming familiar with the user interface of some technology can be time-consuming. We recognize this and thought it would be beneficial to list some technology shortcuts below.

  • During a PowerPoint presentation, if you want a black screen, press the “B” key. If you want a white screen, press the “W” key. The PowerPoint slides will turn black or white, directing attention to the speaker and not the PowerPoint.
  • In Microsoft Outlook, link contacts to appointments to avoid leaving the calendar view when accessing a contact’s information. Look in the lower left hand corner for the contacts button when scheduling an appointment – this will open up your address book. Then all you have to do is double click the contact name to link it to the appointment.
  • To save keystrokes when you copy and paste – press Ctrl + C for copy and Ctrl + V for paste. In addition, you can press Ctrl + X for cut and Ctrl + P for print.
  • To switch between programs on Windows, press ALT + tab. To quit a program press ALT + F4. To cycle between programs on a Mac press Control – F4.
  • Find a specific set of text by pressing Ctrl + F. This will open up a “find” box and prompt you to type in the set of text you are looking for.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, learning tips such as the above will cut down on unnecessary time and improve your technology skills. These are the kind of shortcuts that are allowed in the business world.

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