Sync and Sell: How to Combine Online and Offline Marketing Efforts

In past posts we have highlighted the importance of employing both online and offline marketing tactics. However, while these are two separate entities it is vital that the methods complement each other – otherwise, a company may be sending inconsistent messages to its audience. In order to avoid this, companies need to sync on and offline marketing methods.

A mixed media campaign can have huge benefits for a company. According to a recent post on the Mashable blog, merging the online and offline worlds creates a unified, coherent brand experience. In this post, Mashable offers four sound pieces of advice for syncing online and offline marketing efforts.

Build your foundation and make sure everyone stands on it: Most companies assign employees to work on either online or offline marketing campaigns. Before the marketing process begins, companies should hold a meeting (including all employees) to talk about the central themes and messages they want to send to a target audience. Once a decision has been made and everyone agrees, create a set of guidelines to make sure everyone stays on the same page.

Make sure digital shows up early: In other words, “let the audience build your buzz for you,” says – Dana Zemack, Mashable contributor and author of the post. For example, offline campaigns (marketing events) can use online methods months in advance to create global awareness for a marketing event. By syncing online and offline marketing methods, a company is making the most out of its available resources.

Sharing shows caring: Once a campaign is implemented, a target audience will use the channels available to them to start a conversation around a particular campaign. Identify the local audience that is targeted for offline marketing methods and research the online channels they frequently communicate on. Now a company can use online marketing methods to become part of the conversation and provide channels for the target audience to continue communication on.

Don’t be afraid to flip it around: On the other hand, a company can use offline marketing to increase the strength of online marketing efforts. According to Zemack, when the bigger story is told digitally, offline  methods can be employed to inspire audiences’ to engage in the digital presence. For instance, print ads, bumper stickers and/or handing out business cards at networking events can direct a target audience to visit a company website and online campaign.

When you learn to sync both online and offline marketing efforts, the end result is rewarding. Determine your story, establish a clear and agreed-upon message and begin.

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