The Strategy Behind Viral Videos

More and more businesses have started using videos, whether posted on YouTube or the company website, to showcase their talents and expertise. However, with so many videos floating around, how can you ensure that your company’s video goes viral and gains high traffic?

According to Dan Greenberg, co-founder and CEO of Sharethrough, video content is key, and there are lots of elements to consider when creating your next clip. For instance, Greenberg suggests keeping videos between 15 and 30 seconds long and to avoid making the video too much like an advertisement. We suggest adding a catchy title with effective keywords too.

Keep in mind that the work does not stop after the video has been produced. Once the video is published, it is time to create some buzz. To start, utilize social networks to reach out to influential individuals and spread the word about the video. These networks can include but are not limited to blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Mention the launch of the video in tweets or posts and link to the video on all of your social networks. Furthermore, if you use YouTube to upload a video, the site allows users to comment about the video and add tags. The more specific the tags or keywords attached to the video are, the more likely the video will show up first when searched for.

After the video has been posted for a while, it is important to measure its success. One way to do this using YouTube is to monitor the positive versus negative comments posted underneath the video, record how many people have watched the video to date and check how many times the link has been clicked on. You can also check to see if the video has been shared on social networks. This kind of analysis can determine whether or not a video is effective and should be a part of the company’s marketing strategy.

See below for more references on creating effective videos.

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