Working from Your Cellphone

In today’s society it is becoming more difficult to differentiate the cyber world from the real world, and while many try to keep the two separate, it can sometimes be a difficult task. While exploring I found the video 2010: Addicted to Our Phones. The video explained how things such as newspapers, mail and pay phones are slowly becoming obsolete.

We no longer use our phones only to make calls; we now use them in place of the aforementioned depreciating objects by sending instant texts and emails, reading books or surfing the Web. Cellphones have made it easier to be social and work from virtually anywhere; however, it is important to remember proper etiquette when working from a “cellphone office.”

In an article on, Cell Phone Etiquette: 10 Dos and Don’ts, Joanna L. Krotz reviews some of her guidelines to being on your cellphone. One thing she highlights is taking a personal call during a meeting or interview.  You wouldn’t think this happens as often as it inevitably does, but this rude act is unprofessional and sends the wrong message.

Although talking has always been the main function of the phone, people can now use them to obtain important information more quickly. When sending business-related messages, remember that although you are not in an office environment, you need to be in the mindset that you are. Some tips to remember while sending emails out of the office and on the phone are:

  • Double-check to make sure all spelling and grammar is correct. The screen and keyboard are smaller and mistakes are easier to make, so reread what you type.
  • Do not over-use abbreviations, and do not use text lingo abbreviations at all.
  • Emoticons are fun to text to your friends, but never use them in a business format.

In today’s working environment, Smartphone technology allows your office to be constantly at your fingertips. Thus, it is important to be aware of what and how something is being communicated while working from your phone.

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