Online Advertising goes Viral

Although we have written previous posts about viral videos, I couldn’t help but share some new information I found about advertising using viral videos. Our past post gave great tips on how to get started producing videos, but now I want to share the reason for advertising your brand using viral videos.

With social media being at the forefront of technology, it is no surprise that using videos to boost your company’s brand is a smart way to go. Companies are backing away from commercial advertising and are using social media such as Facebook, YouTube or search engines to promote their names in the online press circuit.

In the article 5 Ways the Advertising Industry Is Preparing for a Digital Future, Chris Schreiber gives five ways to adapt to the new concepts of advertising using videos. Brand futurist Martin Linstrom said, “It’s more effective to feel the brand, not see it.” Watching some of the advertisements linked to this article made the concept more understandable. Companies such as Nike are using video concepts to draw in consumers, and this   connection to the brand entices the buyer to want more of the product. It’s not just about pretty pictures in advertising; instead it’s about making a connection to what the company is presenting to the consumer.

Advertising has become digital. The need to keep up with the digital revolution is becoming more evident to advertisers. With more people on their smart phones, iPads, or tablets, advertisers have to evolve their strategy to gain and retain clients, and using viral videos is a new, smart alternative way to get brand names out to the masses via the Web.


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