Finding Your Voice with Social Media

Writing is something that can either come naturally to a person or can take some time to get used to. With that being said, the first step to becoming a better writer is working toward finding your voice. Writer’s voice is a literary term used to describe the individual writing style of an author. By finding your own voice, you can open new doors in your writing, both personally and professionally.

The point of this blog post is not to help with formal business writing in press releases or on company websites, but instead to share tips for developing a conversational tone for your voice in social media writing, including blog posting or Twitter and Facebook updates.  In the article, Writers: 7 dos and 7 don’ts to help find your voice, Ellie Becker, a longtime marketing consultant, shares some helpful tips to have your voice recognized and heard in the social media world.

 • Don’t over think the first draft. You can—and should—always go back and edit.

 Don’t go overboard with personal information. Learn to walk a line that offers an authentic peek at who you are, while retaining a businesslike decorum.

 Don’t use industry jargon — and no off-color language.

 Don’t make jokes at someone else’s expense. Leave sarcasm and snark out of the equation. It’s not attractive.

 Don’t be overly solicitous; it’s not credible. Invite disagreement.

 Don’t promote your own stuff exclusively.

 • Don’t assume you know what’s important to others. Asking questions is divine.

 Do write as though you are speaking.

 Do share occasional personal thoughts, perceptions and experiences when they serve to illustrate a point.

 Do use interesting words and turns of phrase.

 Do try for humor at moments that can benefit from a bit of lightening up or to poke fun at yourself for some human foible to which others can relate.

 Do be polite. Welcome your readers, acknowledge them, and thank them.

 Do be a cheerleader for others. Use your content to include their ideas and praise their achievements.

 Do listen fr what’s important to your audience.


 By using Becker’s helpful do’s and don’ts, you can find your unique voice and start writing in a way that helps you stay true to yourself and become recognizable to your readers.

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