A New Way to Brand Your Company, Using Video

Whether you are in PR or trying to come up with new ways to revamp your company’s website, one tool you should start becoming familiar with is a video camera. The use of video is an efficient and cost-effective way to help brand your company. Thanks to the help of social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, viral videos are being viewed at an increasingly high rate and are getting the attention of the general public.

The more views your videos receive, the more likely you are be picked up by other media outlets/avenues and your audience will start becoming familiar with your company. Having videos to help brand your company can exude a sense of social and environmental awareness. Using video also portrays your company as being at the forefront of technological and social media advances.

The article, 10 reasons PR pros should use video,by David Murdico, shares the most common ways videos are being used by organizations to help build their brands. One way is to use videos in press releases and pitches. Although not every release that goes out should be sent with a video, using one every now and then can add variety to the content and help the release or pitch be more personalized and trustworthy, and therefore, better received.

The visual images provided via video help clients to see that your company is a legitimate business and allows you to build relationships with a high degree of trust. PR practitioners are using “edgy,” bold or unconventional videos with the help of social media to aid in creating awareness for their brand or to help launch a new product or idea. Offering some type of incentive in the interesting or funny video will also gain your brand more recognition. The article mentioned above also touches on how video can help with crisis management. By posting a video, an explanation or apology can be disseminated to a vast audience via social media, which will resonate with the viewers and be more quickly accepted.

You can also utilize viral videos to spread the word about new product launches, or to refresh old ones. It provides a visual and entertaining tool to focus campaigns on and also gives more of a “hands-on” approach to the new product/service to help entice the potential buyer. The visual aids you use to entice potential clients can also be recycled for other company content such as newsletters or to brand your company’s website.

The article also suggests using videos to announce events.  While attendees are usually the only people who get to experience an event, capturing the event with video and broadcasting it using social media helps your event gain exposure and reaches a broader audience – perhaps drawing a larger crowd for your next event. You can take video footage of a successful event and place it in newsletters or on your website to make the content available to everyone. You can also do the same thing with company speeches or reports.

Videos are readily available to help portray your brand and are an easy, cost-effective way to help promote your company. Try it today to boost your brand.

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