How to pitch on point

No matter how long you have been writing pitches, there is always room for improvement. When creating the perfect pitch you may have a set of guidelines you tend to follow, however, implementing new concepts might just be what you need to take your pitch to the next level.

By following tips written by Susan Young in the article 10 ways to create your best news pitch yet, you can enhance your writing aptitude and give your pitch the extra creativity it needs to get noticed.

The number one tip is to make sure everything you write is beneficial and adds to your story.  Delete any extra wording that isn’t necessary or any redundant information. In addition to deleting phrases that don’t necessarily belong, also be aware of the structure of your sentences. They need to be in a logical order and should build on what the previous sentences express. This process of deleting and reworking your pitch is a great way to edit and double check for any mistakes you may have made. No matter how long you have been writing, make sure you review your work or have someone else provide edits and/or feedback.

Another tip is to write as if you are connecting with the person receiving this pitch. Relating emotionally will hopefully make the recipient want to email you back or run your story. With that being said, if you have visuals to distribute with your pitch, make sure they are easily relatable to the content of the pitch.

When it comes to writing your subject line, make sure to use keywords that grab the attention of the reporter. You want the subject line to be accurate, compelling and explain what your pitch is about and what the reporter is about to read.

Other tips included in the article are: read often to help broaden your vocabulary and help hone your writing skills, as well as avoid jargon or too many technical terms.  Also, always make the pitch relevant to the publication and reporter. Don’t pitch something out of the ordinary if it doesn’t pertain to the reporter’s beat.

Applying these ideas and tips into your writing routine might give you an extra advantage when pitching your story. Keep in mind pitches don’t have legitimate guidelines to follow; instead, you have to be creative and skillful to achieve a featured story.

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