“Sticky” strategies to enhance your blog

“A sticky blog means more engaged users. It means more opportunities to turn them into advocates who then share your content.” This idea comes from the article Content Strategy: 7 Tips to make your blog stickier by Shane Snow. In the article Snow shares tips he has discovered to make users return to your blog and keep your blog relevant.

  • Balance:  What keeps blog readers coming back to your blog? According to the article, it’s having a balance between original content, “stock,” and repurposed content, “flow.” Each week’s content should have clarity and be concise but mixing between the original information posted and what you took from the original post keeps readers interested and continually visiting your blog.


  • Personalization:  Posting in a manner that seems as though you are writing specifically for each individual is a great way to keep your audience interested in what you are saying. On sites like Amazon.com, the more you explore the more the site knows what you like or tend to search for. These sites can also suggest other things that might interest you based on what they learned about you. You can do something similar with your blog. Adding widgets and suggested content can help develop your site and tailor it to a specific audience.


  • Add Social Media:  By making your blog topic a #hashtag on your company’s Twitter, or posting a short excerpt onto Facebook, you can reach multiple audiences. Spreading your content to social media sites like the ones mentioned above, as well as others like LinkedIn can help get your topics out to a wide range of media.


  • Create Anticipation:  Making a series of blogs that all correlate to a specific topic will keep people wanting to come back to see what else you have to say. It’s like a TV sitcom — each week you sit and anticipate what is going to happen the next week. Creating that drama will keep the posts fresh and the readers coming back for more.


  • Email Out Content:  Having an email subscription option on your blog can allow people who like what you say to request email updates when you post new content. Giving your subscribers a reminder of what is posted and when, will help keep your blog on their minds.


  • Linking Up:  Place links on your posts to give people the chance to check out other related topics that can help them retain the information they found on your blog. Words can be hyperlinked in the content of the post so that they have the option to click and continue exploring.


  • Suggest More Context:  Adding links at the bottom of your post suggesting other reading can help retain subscribers. This will enhance the credibility of  your blog, because when you suggest other sites it shows that you know what you are writing about and puts you ahead of the curve in the blogosphere.

With these useful tips your blog will become a “sticky blog” in no time.


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