Think You Have Nothing To Say…Think Again

One of the greatest things about public relations is its ability to help all kinds of companies across every single industry. The fundamental basics of public relations allow it to be a business solution for a small one-man show working out of his garage AND an enterprise corporation. Granted, the tactics, audiences and goals of those two companies’ will be vastly different, but both will benefit from public relations.

A misconception among small business owners is that they cannot benefit from public relations…that could not be more wrong. A small business has just as much need for public relations as huge corporations like Wachovia or Microsoft. Public relations can help small business grow over time, increasing brand recognition, improving rapport within the community and keeping the media abreast of a company’s milestones, both large and small.

Good things to announce include:

  • New hires/promotions – this shows both growth and prosperity within your company.
  • Trade show/conference attendance – this shows your company is actively involved in your industry and allows other businesses to set up meetings with you should they be interested.
  • Community/charity involvement – improves you image within the community, with customers and with other businesses.
  • New or improved products/services – this shows that your company is innovative and constantly growing/improving. For product launches, you may want to do a pre and post launch release. Pre releases would announce the launch; post could detail how it’s doing in the market.
  • Speaking engagements – sets your company apart as an industry thought leader.
  • Partnerships – shows your company as prosperous and healthy.

Of course these are just some of the items that you can announce. Keep in mind that some announcements will generate more media coverage than others, the important things is to remember are frequency and consistency. This will keep your company in the reporters mind so that when there is a large announcement in the pipeline, it will resonate and gain more coverage.

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