Quick Reminder: All the work PR practitioners do

No matter what type of business you are in, understanding what a PR practitioner can do for your company or organization can help make it better.

In the article Five Things Every Small Business Should Know About Public Relations, Robert Wynne shares reminders and “bonus tips” for what everyone in your company should be aware of with regard to public relations. He starts off by reminding us that social media is a great tool, however, that’s just one aspect of PR. His ideas for practicing successful PR are as follows:

  • Write Well: Your social media will be nothing without clear and concise writing. You need the “wow!” factor to make a story or Twitter post seem unique and powerful. Along with the ‘’wow’’ factor there needs to be correct grammar, spelling and punctuation as well as using AP style.
  • Network: Signing up for trade shows to get your company’s name mentioned is important in networking. When you network with thought leaders you gain relationships. Also, the more you set up meetings with reporters and talk to other people in your industry, the more credible you seem and the more coverage can be acquired.
  • Learn the Tools: Make sure you are up-to-date on the latest trends and technological research. If you want to branch out and start a Facebook or Twitter page make sure you have researched and found strategies to help you with this new venture. Other media database and distribution tools can be used too. However, you need to be educated enough to work well with these tools so it can be effective.
  • Make Friends with the Media: The media should be your best friend. Help a reporter out if he or she calls on you asking for something. It is a two-way model of communication you help the media and in return they can help you.
  • Pick Up the Phone: Let’s all be honest — we are now part of a society that doesn’t fully read everything, so how do we know that our hundreds of emails are being read? You don’t; so make calls and follow up. Reaching out and talking with an individual is a great personal touch to set yourself apart from others and motivate people to get involved.

These are simple ideas that we should think about while doing our work. Just remember the more you implement these tasks the more you can benefit.



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