Online Resources at Your Fingertips

The Internet has become so expansive that online marketing and PR can seem a little overwhelming when you first look into it.  Figuring out exactly where you fit in can be hard, and some people avoid it altogether.  To keep you from getting overwhelmed, I want to briefly highlight some great online resources, some of which are completely free and will help expand your online presence.  Here are a few simple ways to increase your visibility in addition to social media – which we’ve touched on before.

  • Try bookmarking your blog or website.  Digg and Delicious are popular bookmarking sites that allow you to save a web page that will appear when key words are searched on the site.  This is a way to increase visibility to a potentially interested audience.
  • There are a variety of sites that allow people to post their news online.  Many of these sites are industry-specific, catering to the audience you choose.  Sometimes sites prefer to only post articles, in which case it would not be the proper places to post a news release.  Of course, this is not going to give you the same visibility as a reporter’s piece would, but it’s certainly a start.  This is a good supplement alongside a solid news distribution list.  This site allows companies in the healthcare industry to submit press releases as long as the release follows the approved format.  This is one way you can reach your industry-specific audience.  Different sites cater to different industries.

  • Don’t forget about social media.  When people search for your name those pages appear, too.  LinkedIn gives people a basic idea of your reputation, Twitter updates people on the latest little blurbs of company news and Facebook is similar to Twitter in this aspect with status its use of status updates.  YouTube is a very different type of site.  With video demonstrations of your product you are given the opportunity to show people what you do and/or what you know. Make sure the video is clear, simple, and to the point so that your audience can understand exactly what’s taking place.  Try to make the video lively so that the audience stays tuned and use the tags so that it shows up in searches.

These are just a few examples of helpful websites to gain online recognition for your company.  A growing business has many opportunities to increase its visibility and outreach through the internet.  Online tools are a great way to expand upon your current marketing/PR program, but shouldn’t replace traditional media entirely.  In a world where people no longer look to one source for their information, companies that utilize a variety of platforms to deliver their message will be most successful.

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