How to make the view better for your site or blog

When you go to a website do you look at the graphics first or do you read the text before scanning the page as a whole?  In the article, 15 must-know facts on how people view websites, Raul Kaevand shows three different pictures of the areas that people focus on most. These color-coded pictures show that most people view and focus on the top of the webpage, although the least likely viewed areas are highlighted as well. 

In addition to putting the most important information about your company or content in your blog first, you should also consider following these 15 tips for improving how your site is viewed by visitors.

How to gain more attention to your site:

  • Add text. Text draws more attention than pictures.
  • Remember that people read from left to right, so viewers will start looking at the webpage from the top left corner; important information should be placed here.
  • Readers tend to scan the lower portion of the webpage. Place the less interesting and less important context there so it will be scanned at the bottom.
  • Stick to short paragraphs or lists to keep readers interested.
  • Ads should be placed in the top left corner or inside or below strong content.
  • If you include pictures, use big pictures because they grab more attention than small ones.
  • Headlines pull viewers in.
  • Menu buttons should be placed at the top of the page because viewers pay more attention to the menus than anything else.
  • White space is your friend.
  • What not to do
    • Try not to use banners, most of the time they get ignored.
    • Don’t use “fancy fonts.” Edwardian script is hard to read! Stick with the normal Times New Roman.
    • People don’t care for large portions of text. Do you want sit at your computer to read a novel on a webpage?

When going to update your webpage, blog or add new content to your page, make sure to keep these tips in mind in order to gain more readership and make your webpage stand out above the rest.


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