Entering the Blogosphere: Tips and Tricks

Blogging is a great way to share ideas and tips by connecting with others in your industry.

Information is priceless and many will welcome your advice – especially when it is free, so make sure you’re providing useful information within your blog that your audience will be inclined to follow.  Keeping your audience interested can be tricky, so make sure you don’t fall into a pattern of writing what’s easy.  Do some research and see what captivates and excites your audience.

Relate to your audience.  You can certainly be friendly while maintaining a level of professionalism.  And remember there’s nothing wrong with a sense of humor.  When tasteful, a little light-hearted laugh or two can draw in your audience, helping them to relate to you on a more personal level.  Simply put, people like personable people.  Say that ten times fast.

Analyze your blog’s traffic to measure the size of your audience.  Most sites provide some sort of statistics or analytics.  This can help you figure out what drives people to your site, what keeps them there and when.  Google provides free analytics, so there is really no excuse not to monitor your site traffic and be informed.

Advertisements are another thing to consider when blogging.  Although ads have their place, it is not within your blog.  This is considered poor blogging manners.  Blogs are not meant to serve as personalized ad space – so don’t spam followers with catchy information about your company/product.  They ARE meant to provide people with helpful tips and updates on your company when relevant.

Monitor your blog account closely and the e-mail with which it corresponds.  Beware of any negative comments or anything inappropriate that would need immediate attention.  Respond to questions in a timely manner and your audience will come to appreciate you even more.  If you listen to your audience’s feedback, your company can benefit and will be able to grow and improve, building a loyal audience along the way.

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