Alternatives to Sending Press Releases

While press releases have been the traditional approach to communicating with reporters, technology has allowed us to reinvent the stale process and reach out to these audiences in innovative ways. Below are some alternatives to sending press releases courtesy of Clair Celsi of PR Daily.


  1. Pitch stories in emails – 90 percent of reporters have said that they would prefer to receive pitches via email. Make sure the content is short and to the point. Use bullets to accentuate the key ideas or points in the story. Ensure that your subject line is captivating in order to grab the reporter’s attention right away.
  2. Make a website posting – Use a blog post as a way to pitch your ideas on your client’s forum, if one is present. Make sure to use engaging storytelling language instead of posting a conventional press release. You never know who is reading.
  3. Send a Tweet – Ideally, send your pitch in a direct message. The character limit actually works to your benefit as it makes you cut out the excess fluff and send the meat of the story or the hook.
  4. Send a Facebook Message – Request to be friends with local reporters in the area and send them a brief message with your story. You’ll be surprised at how many journalists are interested in an attention-grabbing local story.
  5. Pick up the phone – Sometimes it is best to just carry the conversation over the telephone. You’re able to better pitch your story and be more engaging.
  6. Offer to meet a reporter for coffee if you’re in the same vicinity – You never know when a journalist is looking to get out of the newsroom. This could be a great chance to effectively sell your pitch.


Some of these alternatives may work in your best interest and elicit positive feedback from journalists. Give them a shot!

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