Three Simple Rules for Effective Content

Strong written communication skills are essential in the public relations industry in order to effectively convey your messages. Thus, content is king.  Whether you’re writing a headline, blog post, press release or speech, there are three simple guidelines you can follow in order to engage your audience and deliver a strong and well-crafted message. Susan Young of PR Daily discussed them in “The 3 C’s of Powerful Content.”

  • Be Clear – Clarity is key. As stated in Reaching Audiences by Jan Yopp, Katherine McAdams and Ryan Thornburg, listing requires writers to list the important facts and ideas for the copy, and drafting requires that the content make sense to your reader. Talk out your ideas, as it both listing and drafting help give the copy structure, style and clarity. You may also try providing real life examples to better convey your message to your reader.
  • Be Concise – One of the biggest difficulties in engaging audiences is the information and media glut. People are so overwhelmed with information that their attention wanes.  It is critical to write with precision. If your reader is confused, then you’ve lost them and failed to convey your message. Simply make your point concisely and move on. Readers with taxing lifestyles and little time will appreciate it and take away more from your message.
  • Be Compelling – Emotion is a connecting factor among human beings. When drafting a message, include personal anecdotes that are relatable and will make the audience have an emotional response. When you don’t have to be as concise, take your audience on a journey and tell a story so that they feel as if they can’t stop reading. If brevity is required, using strong rhetoric can also help make the copy more engaging.

It’s as simple as that. Next time you’re composing a message, be sure that you know what the point is, that you make your point succinctly and that you make the message relatable and emotionally gripping.

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