4 DIY Ways to Score More Media Coverage for Events

For many public relations practitioners, being able to effectively promote events through media is an integral skill. At one point, it was key for public relations practitioners to pitch events to the media for coverage. While the skill of pitching is still relevant, technology has allowed PR professionals to use tools like blogs, smartphones, online video and photo sharing to cover their own events. Arik Hanson of PR Daily speaks on 4 DIY Ways To Score More Media Coverage:”

  1. Blog using more pictures – Instead of opting for text-heavy posts, tell the event’s story using pictures. A suggestion would to be open the recap with a paragraph or two and then let the pictures do the talking.
  2. Use apps such as Instagram for photos – Flickr has become the go-to source for event photos. Unfortunately, it doesn’t capture the excitement of the event like using a real-time stream. It’s become common to just upload pictures and not include captions or publicize those images. The popular app Instagram has allowed professionals to share photos in real-time, with captions, which has enhanced their presentation. The drawback is that Instagram requires a bit of a setup and is primarily used by iPhone users. If you decide to take this route, promote the use of Instagram on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc.
  3. Pitch event recaps to longer-lead-time publications – One of the best things to do to receive more media coverage is to pitch your event to publications and websites with longer lead time. Daily newspapers and broadcast outlets may not be viable options due to their constantly changing content, but industry e-newsletters and blogger e-newsletters could be possibilities.
  4. Capture your own videos and embed in posts – Some bloggers embed interviews from major media outlets into their posts. Instead, try capturing your own interviews at your event and embed those. The key is to drive traffic to the video or to share it across the Web by posting on services like YouTube and/or Vimeo.

Try to implement some of these tips when covering your next event and the chances of scoring more media coverage should be higher. It will not only help differentiate your content, but reach a greater audience.

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