New Year’s Writing Resolution

With the New Year underway, many individuals are still making resolutions for their personal and professional lives. One thing everyone can stand to work on is improving fundamental skills such as writing. In the article 3 Unusual Exercises to Improve Your Writing in 2012, author Laura Hale Brockway gives a few examples on how to change up your process and improve your writing.

1. Do the opposite of what you are used to. Some like to make outlines or plans, while others like to jump in and start typing. If you are the brainstorming type who develops a plan first, try writing first. And if you like to jump right in, try to start by making an outline. This role reversal will shake up the routine and hopefully further develop what you have to say.

2. If you typically use a specific style guide to write, maybe take a break and give new guidelines a try. However, the only exception to breaking your usual writing rules is to remain consistent with your change in that piece. You don’t want to have conflicting styles throughout your writing; you need to keep things uniform within each document.

3. The last suggestion is to take a break from your usual style of writing and approach a different topic. If you are a technical writer, stop and write a narrative or fictional story. Writing outside of your comfort zone will clear your mind and help you rediscover the other aspects of writing you might have forgotten about.

These easy tips can help you rediscover different avenues of writing and make helpful changes to your writing structure and habits. As the article says, “turn your writing upside down,” and improve your work for the rest of 2012.

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