The Power of Repetition

Have you ever had one of those ideas that you think is brilliant, so brilliant that you have to tell your boss? It might be a miss the first time, but if you are persistent and keep bringing up the idea – your boss might start to think that it is her idea. Believe it or not, public relations strategy tends to work the same way.

Clearly repetition is something we value at PRBrandBuilder because this is not the first time we have stressed that repetition is key to successful PR. The first time you distribute a press release, you can’t expect it to receive coverage in USA Today, for example. A more realistic coverage goal is to expect your press release to receive coverage from smaller online niche sites. Thanks to the power of repetition, the more you send out news releases, the more key reporters will start to pay attention and the more likely it will be that you begin to receive coverage in a local newspaper or business journal.

Just remember – set your expectations accordingly and your release will gain more coverage in better publications. While you may not see your news release inNewsweek, consider what publications are attainable and really speak to your audience – then shoot for securing coverage in these publications on a more frequent basis.

As always, do not get discouraged. As we’ve repeated, PR hardly works overnight – it takes time and finesse. But, repetition and realistic expectations are two keys to success.

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