How to become more successful just by changing up your day

We all wake up wanting to have a productive day, do good work for our company and stay a step ahead of our competitors. I recently found a blog at Fast Company’s website, called 5 things to do every day for success by Dayna Steele, who shares some advice on how to succeed even while others sleep. The simplicity in the author’s advice goes to show that it doesn’t require much to make a great impression or beat the competition, especially if you are searching for a career opportunity.


  1. Wake up early. Try and wake up half an hour earlier than usual next week and see how much you get accomplished. The mornings are a great time to send emails to potential networking contacts and employers because most of your competition is not up yet and distractions are minimal.
  2. Read the headlines and watch the news. It is imperative that you be informed as to what is going on in the world, and in doing so this will let you be the first one to learn about career opportunities. Being informed helps you stay relevant in your search and in the long run gives you an advantage over the competition.
  3. Always follow up with someone who could hire you, point you in the direction of opportunities, or give you advice on how to improve your brand; i.e. resume, professional tips, portfolio, etc.
  4. Touch base with an old friend or co-worker who you haven’t spoken with in a long time, just because. Ask them what projects they currently work on and see if there is any way to get involved and get experience. It’ll make his or her day, seriously.
  5. Write a handwritten note to someone. No one does it anymore and it’s a lost art. You’ll stand out to colleagues, business partners, and even potential employers. At the very least, it’s a nice gesture that goes a long way and shows that you took the time to send them a note.
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