Is your company ready to join Social media?

A growing number of companies are informing their target demographics and the general public of relevant news through social and digital media sites. If your company has yet to create a social media account and is hesitant to do so, you may have some great questions that you need answered before you join. Consider the below questions from Danielle M. Cyr, in 5 questions brands should ask before joining social media, before clicking that “sign up” button.

1.    Is this site being utilized by your clients, customers and partners?

Survey your audience and those who are important to the company. If no one is personally on the site, why invest time and money in it?  It is crucial to evaluate how the site will be used and who your target audience is in order to obtain measurable results and feedback.
2.    Who in the company is going to be in charge of maintaining this new site?

This is a big project for some companies. If there isn’t a designated social media manager in place, you can’t just hand it off to an employee and hope it stays relevant and up-to-date. For a site to thrive, you have to have an invested member of the team work to maintain the site on a regular basis or the platform will become out of date.

3.    Is this new site compatible with the company’s pre-established communication programs?

Just because a new photo site is making a buzz doesn’t mean your company needs to create an account for it. If you don’t have serious photos to share, why invest time and resources to a hot new photo site? Look for a platform that is going to best complement your company.

4.    What does this new site have to offer?

As mentioned above, look for a site that complements your company and its capabilities. If you are a telephone company, you don’t need a Pinterest account. Pinterest is a great social media tool to use if you are a clothing company, because your customers can “re-pin” the clothing they like, earning it more exposure. However, if a platform won’t be effective in your marketing plan, then you don’t need it. Look for a site with services that are helpful for your business plans.

5.    Is this site going to thrive in the long run?

There is no science in place to say whether or not a site will have staying power, but if the site isn’t user-friendly or secure, it might not be around too long. No need to rush into something that might crash in the end.



The bottom line is, do a little research before putting your company name on the next Internet hot-spot. Consider these questions before making a decision that could positively or negatively affect your company and its marketing plans in the future.

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