Eye-catching News Releases

Whenever you are writing a news release, you always want to make sure that it will catch the reporter’s eye. To make your news releases more captivating, try keeping the following in mind.

Because a news release is, in essence, promoting a product, service or company, sometimes it can sound gimmicky. It’s important to remember that a news release needs to be informative, to the point and easy to read. Keep in mind that not everyone is as familiar with your product as you are, and that the audience may not understand the jargon or technical terms.

After a long day at the office, the weary eyes of the copy editor might skim over the title of your news release to decide whether or not to run your story. With that in mind, try to make your title resonate with the reader, but be careful not to cross the line between clever and cheesy. Reporters are quick thinkers and if you can prove the same, they’ll be more likely to publish your story. Make sure your title paints a clear picture. Copy editors write the real headline in the newspapers and magazines, but through the title you can get to the point quickly and let the editor know what to expect. Don’t spend too much time on the title, though. It’s often helpful to write it last when you know exactly where your story is going and what points you want to drive home. The title should focus around the most important aspects and facts of your news release.

Once a reporter is interested, pull them into the heart of your story by adding personality. The best way to authenticate your story is by building creditability through a source. Quotes from a leader at your company or from a customer will personalize the story and add a layer of application.

Give your news legs to stand on through facts and figures, which allow you to build interest and integrity. Another way to draw the reader in is to solve a problem within the news release. If you can describe a situation in which your product/service satisfies a need, the product is suddenly more relevant to your audience and they can visualize how it’s a solution.

Of course, these are just a few of the many ways to make your release stand out. I will continue to point more out in the future, but in the meantime, feel free to suggest any tips

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