What NOT To Do

Ok, so this may seem like common sense, but here are a few things no PR person should ever do, and yes, I’ve seen these before.

So here it goes. A list of things to avoid:

  •  Send an embargoed news release, with no reference to the embargo
  •  Leave your company name out of the press release
  •  Spam reporters
  •  Forget to proof read
  •  Forget to have someone else proof read
  •  Omit the boilerplate (a.k.a. the About Us section)
  •  Spell a proper name incorrectly
  •  Better yet…spell a proper name two different ways within one release
  •  Make the same announcement multiple times, with no new angle
  •  List the wrong date
  •  Write your release like an advertisement
  •  Put too many stories in one press release…it confuses the reader/reporter.
  •  Use third person and first person in the same release/paragraph/sentence.
  •  Write in past, present and future tense – pick one and stick with it, time travel is not yet possible!
  •  Employ highly technical language or industry-specific jargon when targeting mainstream media – or vice versa.
  • And finally, yes this ACTUALLY happens, Send a press release with no contact information … how is a reporter supposed to contact you for follow-up?
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