Why You should Generate Visual Content to Brand your Company

Relevant content and quality writing drives effective marketing, however, visual content is also crucial for building a lasting relationship with your customers. Today’s digital age demands better means to transfer messages. With the increase in the use of visual social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, B2B marketers can grow their businesses faster than ever before. Both these tools provide endless opportunities for B2B marketing, as they are simple to use and are quickly becoming central to successful visual content marketing strategies.  

Instagram, a free mobile application, allows you to transform and share your pictures on the web. Pinterest, on the other hand, is a virtual pinboard that allows you to organize and share pictures online. You can also browse pinboards created by others to discover and share their interests.

The infographic, The Business Marketers’ Guide to Instagram,  by Jason Miller and the article by Michael Sebastian, How can non-visual brands harness Pinterest, provide reasons for generating a visual culture for B2B companies.

See these tips on why Instagram and Pinterest are powerful B2B marketing tools:

Emotional Ties. Pictures say a thousand words. But before you start sharing your company’s pictures, understand the needs of your audience. Create visuals that a wide variety of consumers can associate with. Both Instagram and Pinterest allow you to put your company’s brand at the forefront. Your audience is free to add meaning to visual content and appreciate your brand without the limits of textual content.

Loyalty to your Brand. Personalizing and customizing your brand becomes easier when visual content is shared with your audience. Post pictures that allow your audience to peek inside the workings of your company. This will help make your audience feel part of something larger. Still, to keep it private, snap pictures through Instagram before sharing on Pinterest. This will limit sharing outside of your company’s social media profiles.

Creates a Dialogue. Both Instagram and Pinterest can actively engage your audience in a fun way through the use of photo sharing and hashtags, which is a powerful feature of both Instagram and Pinterest denoted by the # symbol and used to categorize key words and phrases in your messages. Adding unique hashtags to all of your posts can help your company to establish a brand as an industry leader and gain followers.

Builds a Larger Fan Base. The number of Pinterest and Instagram users is increasing rapidly and reaching a wider audience has never been easier. To ensure audience retention, actively utilize all apps and features of Pinterest and Instagram to keep your followers engaged.

Convergence of written and visual content can help develop a highly targeted message, delivering faster results to a wider audience. Visual content helps personalize your brand, even if you are a non-visual B2B company. Creating a lifestyle around your brand’s message personalizes and showcases your brand. Click through the Infographic for examples of B2B marketing campaigns using Instagram or read through Instagram for PR: 4 Overlooked Ways to Use the Popular App to gain insight into the workings of this helpful PR and marketing tool. There are a lot of ways to build a fan base on social media without paying the big bucks for traditional advertising. Be the first to crack the code and inform your audience about hidden features on Instagram or Pinterest and you may establish your B2B Company as an expert on visual marketing.


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