Is a Career at a PR Agency the Right Choice for You?

If you are fun, energetic, creative, smartphone savvy and always ahead of the game in the latest industry news and ideas then you have the basic mantra for deciding if a career at a public relations agency is the right fit for you.

Agency life is certainly not for the coy or for those who prefer routine. A recent article by Kellie Bramlet entitled, The Life of a PR Agency Employee, explains just how demanding, yet rewarding, a career at a PR agency can be.

Contrary to the beliefs of some, a PR agency employee does not get paid to spend hours on social media, although the use of strategic social media is becoming a large part of the job description. It’s not all glitz and glamour and the agency setting is anything but boring.

See below for an (a)typical day in the lives of PR agency employees.

Need for Constant Creativity

On any given day, a PR agency employee is expected to take on numerous challenges. While most people are spending their workdays nested in a cubicle, we are constantly thinking of new ideas for client media campaigns, while simultaneously wearing many hats at once to ensure client (and our boss’) satisfaction.

Inspiration drives our professional lives. We are constantly taking notes at client presentations, saving ideas on our smartphones and even resisting (and failing) the urge while driving to analyze advertisements on buses for their content and messaging. We are proactive and not afraid to think outside the box, while still meeting deadlines on a time crunch. In the office or out on a Friday night, our creative juices are constantly flowing.

Keeping up with Endless Changes

A corporate crisis one day, nonprofit marketing the next day, announcing a product launch the day after – all in addition to taking care of that healthcare public relations plan that is our primary responsibility. Agency life demands us to quickly shift gears from one project to another every day – or even every hour. The ability to focus and keep up with the drastic changes is what makes agency life stressful – but it is this notion of spontaneity that also makes it fun and novel.

Agency life demands life-long learning and growth. We are constantly serving companies and/or individuals from different industries and are required to know our clients inside-out.

It is the constant change and demand for learning that keeps us on top of our game, helping us become well-rounded, knowledgeable individuals who are always ready to take on a challenge.

Action. Action. Action.                      

Public relations professionals always take great initiative and are ready to make buzz happen. We are passionate about communications and driving client-audience engagement. We are the experts. Always a step ahead, we never wait for our clients to tell us what to do. Instead, we take the initiative to go out there and do the impressive job that our clients expect of us.

Sound like your cup of tea? If you can keep up with such a demanding and stressful (but mostly fun) work environment, then you know a career in public relations is the right match for your personality. Keep up with the demands of an agency life and you will stay ahead as a public relations professional. While agency life is similar for all public relations professionals, each agency is idiosyncratic with its own unique culture. So make sure you brush up on an agency’s clients and research its employees and culture before you decide to go on board.

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