When to Effect a Change in Your Grammar

With so many nuances and tricks to remember within the English language it’s easy to make a mistake.  Following a previous blog entry with AP Style guide tips, I wanted to add a few more tips for writing challenges that everyone can struggle with at times.

How does grammar effect how a news release is read, or will it affect it at all? Read the rest of this entry »


Is your pitch newsworthy?

In the past I have written about ways to revamp your style when it comes to pitching. However, it might also be helpful to clarify how to write a pitch that is actually newsworthy  for journalists to consider. In the article 11 Things that Journalists Consider Newsworthy, written by Brad Phillips, he explains what topics are newsworthy enough to catch a reporter’s eye. Read the rest of this entry »

Have Your Own Style

In this blog we’ve addressed AP style many times, however, one thing we’ve never really discussed is creating your own company style. Creating a style guide for your company is an important part of the branding process, because, believe it or not, there will be things your company deals with that may not be covered in the AP style guide.

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How to pitch on point

No matter how long you have been writing pitches, there is always room for improvement. When creating the perfect pitch you may have a set of guidelines you tend to follow, however, implementing new concepts might just be what you need to take your pitch to the next level.

By following tips written by Susan Young in the article 10 ways to create your best news pitch yet, you can enhance your writing aptitude and give your pitch the extra creativity it needs to get noticed. Read the rest of this entry »

Learning and Using AP Style

In my profession, AP style, the grammar and writing style guidelines produced by the Associated Press, is something that has become second nature to me. I notice AP style errors in menus, on billboards and even in e-mails between friends. When conversing in casual conversation via e-mail or social media platforms, I have to actually tell my mind to STOP thinking in terms of AP style. Read the rest of this entry »

AP Style: Did You Know…

Did you know that according to the Associated Press there are eight states that are never abbreviated in datelines or text? Or that AP style always lists examples in  italics making it unclear as to what words should or should not be italicized?

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Social Media is Now AP Style Approved

As a public relations practitioner, I tend to do everything by the book…the AP Stylebook that is. I can’t turn it off, everything I read: menus, brochures, websites, etc. I will find things that go against AP style and my eye begins to twitch. When the communications field enters into new frontiers, AP style tends to follow suit and determine how we should reference these new mediums. Whether it’s the new dot-com era with words like Internet, World Wide Web and website (formerly Web site), or the newest type of media – social media.

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