4 DIY Ways to Score More Media Coverage for Events

For many public relations practitioners, being able to effectively promote events through media is an integral skill. At one point, it was key for public relations practitioners to pitch events to the media for coverage. While the skill of pitching is still relevant, technology has allowed PR professionals to use tools like blogs, smartphones, online video and photo sharing to cover their own events. Arik Hanson of PR Daily speaks on 4 DIY Ways To Score More Media Coverage:” Read the rest of this entry »


Three Simple Rules for Effective Content

Strong written communication skills are essential in the public relations industry in order to effectively convey your messages. Thus, content is king.  Whether you’re writing a headline, blog post, press release or speech, there are three simple guidelines you can follow in order to engage your audience and deliver a strong and well-crafted message. Susan Young of PR Daily discussed them in “The 3 C’s of Powerful Content.” Read the rest of this entry »

Procrastination: The Pesky Bug to Beat

Procrastination is an ugly habit that is hard to beat. Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us have succumbed to the powers of procrastination in our lifetime. It truly is a pesky bug that always seems to be coming back, proving extremely difficult to get rid of. Productivity is essential in both the corporate world (meeting work deadlines) and in our personal lives (planning a trip or managing appointments). Therefore, PRLine is here to offer some quick procrastination elimination tips. Instead of listing these tips, however, we thought it might be  interesting to tackle a real-life scenario. Read the rest of this entry »

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